New Jizos out of the kiln (9″x6″)

My first attempt at making larger jizos, 2 friends asked me to make larger jizos for their gardens, they pushed me to new

demensions….if you want to see more of my jizos go to my etsy site

Jizo’s are often found along walking paths in Japan. Stones are placed at the feet of Jizo in memory of a loved one or as an offering of thanks to Jizo for watching over loved ones and travelers.


IMG_0351 IMG_0350


Drawing in Katonah, NY – July 16th, 2009

Katonah is a favorite place of mine…full of lovely old homes and lots of sidewalks to walk my dog Smudge =)

Here are two drawings I did while giving a workshop today.  While teaching I have to work very fast so I don’t neglect

those who have come to draw with me.  This is very good for me because it forces me to let go of control and draw in a

more responsive way.  Please go to my Nature Journaling page to see their work…it was a great morning…

Katonah home

Katonah 2

and now for something completely different =) all work © protected







These drawings have all been done on my mac with the program linked below….there is a spider in the program that is lots of fun to play as well =o)  I enjoyed drawing these pieces with no plan, no forethought… drawing…I often return to flocks of birds and patterns in nature….transfixed by the swirling schools of fish and flocks of birds…I never tire of them….hope you enjoy them =)