New Jizos out of the kiln (9″x6″)

My first attempt at making larger jizos, 2 friends asked me to make larger jizos for their gardens, they pushed me to new

demensions….if you want to see more of my jizos go to my etsy site

Jizo’s are often found along walking paths in Japan. Stones are placed at the feet of Jizo in memory of a loved one or as an offering of thanks to Jizo for watching over loved ones and travelers.


IMG_0351 IMG_0350

2 thoughts on “New Jizos out of the kiln (9″x6″)

  1. Very nice. Never heard of jizos before. Very interesting. Now I better understand your blog’s title. 😉 Did you teach yourself how to make the jizos?


    • Hi Paz,
      Yes I did teach myself and design the jizo myself. It’s a figure in buddhism to protect women, children and travelers. Google jizo and
      you’ll learn endless things about jizo.

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