waiting for connection to Canada 2006?

back to back best

Passing the time…waiting for the plane.

Love airports for sketching….nobody notices you =)

running for the plain 1-1

running for the plain 2-1


Walking Smudge in North Salem

Today was a beautiful summer day.  Smudge and I took a ride to a favorite walking place in N. Salem.  I had packed a small backpack with some watercolors, water for painting and for drinking, a mat for sitting on and the hope of finding some time to draw if Smudge would allow 😉  The sun was bright and hot but the shade was cool and breezy…..a very nice day.  Here are some photos of our day and of a few quick watercolors =)



IMG_0415 IMG_0418

N.Salem jpg

it was a good day 🙂