More Moleskine Critters with a touch of color pencil :)

kiki colors

Our dog Smudge and cat’s Kiki and Smiley are always near by…always victim to my pen =)

Smudge on stripes

kiki and cusion loosejpg


New Moleskine Japanese Fold sketchbook :)



Pleasee click on above image to get full spread =)

Having lots of fun with my new Moleskine sketchbook.

When it came in the mail and sat in front of me all crisp

and new I was daunted by the clean newness of it.

After looking at it for a couple of hours I couldn’t resist

picking up my micron .03 and beginning ^. .^

First SketchCrawl Sept.19, 2009

katonah cafe w:people

We were a small but mighty group =)  Janet with her two girls, Linda with her daughter and Bobbie all showed up to draw on a perfectly beautiful day.  I will be posting more of their work as it comes in.  I have been “drawn” to red umbrellas lately, hmmmmmm, not sure why buy I am enjoying them =)

katonah cafe w:corner street


Janet's sketch crawl 9:19:09

Janet and her daughter with a wonderful drawing of one of the homes in Katonah.

More from the group soon =)

Back from Cape Cod

We just returned from Cape Cod.  All the watercolors are from the cottage where we stayed.  The pen and inks are from the National Seashore,

the cottage and some of our favorite places.  I am always inspired by the sea and skies of the cape….the colors and light

img084 Picture 10 jpgPicture 11 jpg

Picture 7 jpg

Picture 8 jpg

Picture 9 jpgPicture 4 jpgPicture 5  jpgPicture 1 jpgsky cape cod