subject propagate –

This is a favorite clematis given to me on Mother’s Day several years ago…chosen by my son and husband, it is full of bees in the summer …..


12 thoughts on “subject propagate –

  1. wow!! This is so beautiful!! I really love bees too..The detail is so amazing!

    (I wonder if you mind giving me a tip.. I am struggling to photograph my watercolor pics with the background left as white .. when I print them the background of the paper seems to show up as gray.. I love the botanical look with just the plain white of the watercolor showing.. I don’t want to lighten it all too much as it is lightening my image too.. I have tried the white’dropper’ in levels on photoshop.. just goes too white ).. any thoughts?

    Thanks Helen .. I so love your work..!!!

    • Hi Helen,
      This piece was scanned for me by Highland Studio in Cold Spring NY. I have difficulty getting the whites without compromising
      the piece if I work with my home scanner. So when I have a piece I want to create giclee prints on watercolor paper I have it done by my friends
      in Cold Spring.

      I only have photoshop elements in my computer and I seem to have the same problem as you do with pure whites…..I find the
      image always suffers…..

      Getting things done by the pros is pricey so I only do it for certain pieces. Thanks so much for the kind words about my piece =)

  2. Thank you all for your kind comments…I have been to each of your web sites and it is so nice to receive recognition from other artists…I enjoyed all the interpretations of propagate =) xox Laura (jizogarden)

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