Apple blossoms continue….

I have finished my contour line transfer onto 300lb. Fabriano, bright white, hot press paper.  Watercolor next =)

Hope you enjoy the process….the first image is going to be far left, then the next image is the center of the drawing, and finally

the last image is far right.  Hope you enjoy the process…. Will scan it all in one piece when it’s completed…..

4 thoughts on “Apple blossoms continue….

  1. Your drawings are so lovely. I was looking for an exact style of apple blossom sketch (and being REALLY picky about it) because my sister and I have a plan to get matching tattoos of the beautiful flowers that perfume our fathers street every spring. Do you really draw more every year?
    I would be honored if you allowed us to use a sketch as an example at a tattoo parlor.
    Please, let me know if that would be possible.

    • Hi Marvel…..
      Glad you enjoy my apple blossom drawing…. Could you please be more specific about how you would like to use the drawing….would you like to use it as an example in a tattoo parlor (hanging on the wall) or would you like me to allow you and your sister to have tattoos made of my sketch on yourselves? I need to be a little clearer on your hopes for my drawing. I am not adverse to it being used with my permission but I don’t want it to be used by anyone walking into the parlor as a generic piece of clip art.
      Just let me know exactly what your hoping for =) Glad you enjoy my piece and happy to know it reminds you of your fathers street =)

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