Decided to stay with WordPress

I strayed from wordpress for a short while.  After running into several glitches in the first few weeks on I decided to return to my original blog here on wordpress.  So I hope you continue to visit often and enjoy my work =)

3 thoughts on “Decided to stay with WordPress

  1. There were things I liked about blogger too….but when my picture icon disappeared I couldn’t take it…when I went on the help section seems like it was happening to lots of people.

    I’ll keep visiting your blog regularly…no matter what 🙂 xox Laura

  2. I know it can be frustrating, and finding help is NOT easy!

    But Wow, it is SO weird subscribing to a WordPress blog. I go through 3 steps to confirm (finally got the confirmation email today), then it goes to the page with all the other WordPress blogs I’ve subscribed to over the years and never get. What’s up with that??

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