Our sweet dog Smudge has been with us 13 years.  He stayed by my side through the loss of our most beautiful son, through breast cancer, through every painful part of our lives. He has brought us so much joy, laughter and comfort….a wonderful devoted friend.   Smudge is facing cancer….we are heartbroken and only hope to make this time peaceful, comfortable and happy for him in any way we can.  This is a photo on Thanksgiving Day….sitting on my lap….resting his head on the table ♥


5 thoughts on “Smudge……

  1. I pray Smudge has no pain. He looks like such a sweetie and reminds me of our little Gizmo, who brightened my life with hers. I wish You and Smudge much love, strength, happiness joy and miracles in every day*

  2. Smudgy is such a blessing … and will remain so no matter what. He is lucky to have you and I know you will cherish every day with him …

  3. My sweet dog Canelle helped me to get through a lot too. She is now 12….so i can understand how you feel and how much you love Smudge..My prayers are for you and family.

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