We lost Smudgy early Christmas morning.  He was a wonderful joyful friend…we love and miss him so so much…deeply sad…..  Thank you for all the wonderful years of love, friendship and happiness sweet pup…..we miss you so much…..

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  1. Heartfelt sympathy & Love to you.

    “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose for all that we love deeply become a part of us” Helen Keller

  2. Thank you Paz and Yona for you kindness…… What a beautiful quote Yona, Helen Keller was such an amazing person.

    Wishing you both happy blessings in the new year……xox

  3. My dear I can feel your melancony: 10 year a go, I lost my dear cat Miciacia the 24 th of December and it was my birthday : Never forgot and she is allways in my heart.
    A caddle for you both.

    • thank you Renata…to loose your Miciacia on you birthday and the day before Christmas makes changes the day forever. She must have had a wonderful life with you xox

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