Feathers fini…..

A meditation….


A bit of color….

After the graphite drawing I have added some soft washes of color to the lichens.  I enjoy the combination of pencil and watercolor.  I think the texture of trees is especially suited to graphite and the delicate color of the lichens are a good subject to enhance with soft color.  Almost finished I will balance a few of the shadows in the graphite and see if a bit more color will be needed…before I call it done…..  This method reminds me of the hand painted intaglio prints, something old fashioned about it.


Keeping close……

Our sweet Smudge is with us in spirit…his presence all around.  His favorite cushion remains at my feet tucked under the drawing table where he can still keep me company.  Andrew has restored a beautiful drawing space for me…a favorite spot by the window with bird feeders outside filled with Juncos, Cardinals, Chickadees and Goldfinches.

My drawing of the past few days is a pinecone in graphite….it feels good to draw again.

I have found some wonderful photos of Smudgy as a pup and will post them soon…..