Smudge in my heart…

Thank you everyone so much for all the kindness for sweet Smudge….we miss him so so much…….

When I we lost our son 8 years ago…..the only way I was able to step back into the world was at the end of Smudge’s leash.  Walking with him got me through so many years of unbearable pain..somehow I could move forward….even if it was slow and the pain still so great.  Graham and I were never apart….and when he could no longer stay with us…….Smudge became my constant companion…I transfered so much my feelings for Graham toward Smudge. When breast cancer came he was by my side for every moment and again lead me on into a “normal life”..and now it is hard to seperate the grief and pain……there is nobody to walk off the hurt…..and I am frozen in place…

Some day we will probably bring another dog home but now I just want Smudge here and there is no substitute for our sweet dog.

Christmas tea 2005, sweet Smudge

4 thoughts on “Smudge in my heart…

  1. I only just read this Laura. Thank you for sharing your life – it must have been difficult to write the words. How blessed we are in life to have the beautiful souls that guide us through each day whether beside us or in spirit. Many hugs to you …. Vicki xxx

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