Lichen twig

Started a new drawing today…bearded lichen and fringed lichen clinging to a twig.  This summer I will have the opportunity to teach at the New York Botanical Gardens. My subject will be lichens and mosses done in graphite and watercolor.  Looking forward to the experience…

8 thoughts on “Lichen twig

  1. What a fantastic drawing! I love seeing it in the beginning stages like this and seeing how you approach the details of the lichen. I look forward to seeing the next stage!

    • Thank you Paz 🙂 the workshop I’m teaching has some prerequisite requirements – Drawing 1&2, and Watercolor 1. I remember you were looking for drawing classes when you first starting following my blog. Have you found any classes in NY? If you have enough foundation work with pencil you may enjoy the workshop….I’ll let you everyone know when it is in the catalogue and official 🙂

      • Well, that leaves me out of the class, then. I never did find a drawing class to take. Maybe this will be the year. I look forward to reading about your class.

  2. Paz….if you have some drawing background you could probably join in….I give very extensive demonstrations and you would probably get your feet wet 🙂 I just don’t want you to get lost in the shuffle 🙂

    • LOL! I understood what you meant. Thanks! If I can make it, I’ll definitely like to take the class. Just to get my feet wet, as you say. It will be fun, I think, and a good learning experience.

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