Ben being as cute as possible….a pose and a dance ♥

wiggle wiggle wiggle


Water Garden

My classes are finished for the summer….  I’ve been spending the last week or so trying to get the garden together.  Ben and Devon add a whole new twist to gardening.  I have had to let go of some of the aesthetics and just try to protect many of the plants from bounding puppy games /’ . ‘\  I’m trying a small water garden…found a lovely glazed pot and filled it today with a waterlily plant and some water hyacinth.  You haven’t seen Ben and Devy lately they are both six months old now, best friends, crazy, funny and sweet. Here are a few photos of summer so far…

Hoping my next post will be some new drawings =)

Devon with muddy face from “helping” in the garden…sweet sweet face ♥

Ben looking cute and sheepish ♥ woof!