Nature has always been a strong influence in my life.  I teach botanical art, nature journaling, and work in clay.  My strongest life influence is the bright spirit of my son Graham, who is always with me, my dear husband…and wonderful sweet pets…all deeply loved.

I have traveled widely in my life, born in South Africa, living in Japan as a young girl and spending time in San Francisco, the mid-west, Europe and now make my home on the east coast.

I enjoy working in color pencil, watercolor, pen and ink and clay.  Each medium has it’s own opinion…I enjoy them all.

I have works in clay at please have a visit…..

I teach botanical art and nature journaling.  Classes are at Lasdon Arboretum in Somers, NY.  You can link to my classes at

5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Oh WOW….your jizos look so lovely in your garden..
    and I adore your photographs…your doggie…the plants..
    your fabulous art work.

    Lots of fun visiting here!


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