Nature Journaling Summer of 2009

This page is dedicated to my friends and students who come out into the fresh air and draw wonderful drawings =)

Today we returned to Katonah for some more sketching.  It was a beautiful summer day, lots of
sunshine but plenty of shade offered by the big old trees that line all the streets.  Betsy returned for a
second time and Bobbie, Stephanie, Sandy, Janet and Hillary added their wonderful drawings
to the outdoor workshop.   It was a wonderful day =)

The fruits of the day …….well done all!
Ladies out in the day…
100_1147 100_1146 100_1148 100_1152 100_1153 100_1154 100_1157 100_1159
100_1161 100_1170
100_1168 100_1169

Houses of Katonah
100_1145 100_1149 100_1162 100_1163 100_1164 100_1166 100_1167 mind the pole =)
Today our group went to Katonah….it was a wonderful day….I had a great time watching the accordion journals take
shape =)  Valerie, Betsy and Linda all took on the lovely homes of Katonah, NY .  After an hour of drawing the skies
darkened and the rain began pouring down.  We ran for the lovely large porch of the Church of Christian Scientists.
Nobody was there and we sat around a big table exchanging ideas and drawings.  It was a very nice morning…I can’t
wait for the next one =)  So here are photos of our day….my regular camera was on the fritz so these have all been taken
with my iphone….enjoy!

Linda’s drawing


Valerie's Katonah journal =)
Valerie’s drawings

Betsy’s drawing

IMG_0317 IMG_0315 IMG_0313
IMG_0314 IMG_0316 IMG_0322
IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0326

Katonah home

Katonah 2
my two small sketches

This Saturday, July 11th Bobbie, Yvonne, Stephanie and I took our drawing pads to Lasdon Arboretum.  It was a beautiful day, clear bright sun with a lovely light breeze.  We sat in the shade of the trees and worked on perspective and how to use different textures and pen marks to identify a variety of trees.  It was a really lovely day =)
Here are some drawings and photos of our day =)  enjoy!

Stephanie’s drawings





Bobbie’s drawings

Yvonne’s drawing (too shy to post more =)
A good day had by all….beautiful, sunny and breezy…
IMG_2141 Bobbie
Stephanie IMG_2149
Yvonne IMG_2151
Ginko Biloba Drawing the Ginko tree
It was a very nice day =o)
Last two drawings by me =)

Bobbie:lasdon:ginko tree
Picture 2

These first posting are from The Hammond Japanese Garden in North Salem NY…..contributions are from Valerie and Kristen…more coming soon.  The first drawing is by Kristen and the following three are from Valerie.

water lilies KL

valeries view across the pond

(null) bamboo VH

valeries windblown tree

Some photos of our day at The Hammond Museum.  You will see two lovely Jizo statues that are tucked into the trees….as you can

see I feel even more at home with the Jizos watching over us =)

smoke bush garden island smoke bush 2

Smoke bush down the path…                     The beautiful lily pond.                            Smoke bush and stone lantern.

Linda playing with watercolor Eleanor in the trees Valerie

Linda                                                                 Eleanor                                                             Valerie

Linda with color pencils Valerie beginning bent tree - Valerie

Linda playing with color…                         Valerie early on…                                          Near finished…

Kristen at the pond small jizo jizo at hammond

Kerstin at the lily pool….                             Jizo back in the woods….                      Jizo with stones at the feet each stone a gift in memory..


10 thoughts on “Nature Journaling Summer of 2009

  1. Laura –

    Thanks for sharing everyone’s work and the photos you have taken! I must have really been into that last drawing because I had no idea you even had a camera out! Sorry I missed out on yesterday’s outing. Everyone’s work looks great – Ginkgo and Horsechestnut are two of my favorite trees!

    • It’s fun to see the different groups isn’t it? =) Look forward to seeing you again soon =)

      We will meet in Katonah in front of the library this coming Wednesday….I’m really looking forward drawing that town!

      See you soon =)

  2. Laura & Group;

    It was great to come together and share time in nature capturing the day…Looking forward to the next one!!

  3. Laura,
    Thanks for posting our drawings. They all look great. I love to see the different styles. I’m looking forward to Katonah on the 25th!

    • Hi Vinnie,
      We are going again of July 25th….your welcome to join us. Also we are doing a graphite 3 day workshop at Lasdon the 20th-22nd. If life is too full right now…enjoy your summer and your grandchildren =o)

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