3 days until my class at the New York Botanical Gardens

Been working very hard to prepare for my class on Lichen and Mosses in Graphite and Watercolor this coming Friday =)  I have put together a Keynote presentation and collected many mosses and lichens for students to use as subject matter.  Hope everyone enjoys their class…. More work to do today….. Cross fingers =)

Foliose Lichens, Sheild and Usnea varieties

Haircap Moss


A bit of color….

After the graphite drawing I have added some soft washes of color to the lichens.  I enjoy the combination of pencil and watercolor.  I think the texture of trees is especially suited to graphite and the delicate color of the lichens are a good subject to enhance with soft color.  Almost finished I will balance a few of the shadows in the graphite and see if a bit more color will be needed…before I call it done…..  This method reminds me of the hand painted intaglio prints, something old fashioned about it.